About Kretel

Kretel grew up in a small town on the island of Cuba. As a child, she loved painting on scraps of canvas and found her inspiration everywhere. She also loved reading and spend much time at the Library, where her mother used to work. Kretel wrote her first story at the age of six, and she never forgot the excitement of her newfound passion.

After Kretel graduated from a Fine Arts Academy in 2009, she became an Art Teacher and taught kids of all ages. Later in 2012 Kretel, moved to the United States and later on became a mother. Her children, like herself, love bedtime stories with sprinkles of magic and adventures. That is when she decided to write again. Kretel knows how vital literature is for kid’s development and how big of a role our imagination plays in our views of the world and creativity. Kretel’s books tell tales of magical dreamland visits, unique and unconditional friendships, and more. They are also available in Spanish, her native language.

Now, Kretel lives by the sea in California with her children. Her vision is to inspire and create positive change in the world through children’s books. Her style and creativity often come from her own life experience. She believes every child is unique and is worth celebrating.

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Moody, The Multicolor Balloon
Estela and Tina
Like my Dad!
Sisy, The Little Star
Tommy’s Dream Adventure
Alita, The Butterfly with no Colors

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